Guidelines on the Special Rate and Intermediate Rate of Disability Pension

The attached letter is to advise that the Repatriation Commission has endorsed revised Guidelines on the Special Rate and Intermediate Rate of disability pension under the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986 (VEA). The revised Guidelines are titled CM6882 Special Rate and Intermediate Rate of pension and are now available in the Department of Veteran Affairs Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge.  Click Here

Letter to ESO RT Members Regarding Special Rate and Intermediate Rate Guidelines – 14 JUN 2013



SECFOR Newsletter Issue 3.

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State President’s Newsletter – Edition 1

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National President’s Newsletter No 2 of 2013

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Letter from Prime Minister Gillard.   Members of the League will recall that I wrote to
the Prime Minister on 4 October 2012 forwarding a document titled ‘An RSL
Perspective’. The Prime Minister replied to this letter on 4 February 2013 thanking
the League for the submission and noting that the “Australian Government
recognises the role of the RSL as having a specific place in Australia’s identity and
supporting our veterans and families of conflicts past and present.”
The League asked the Prime Minister to ‘respond to our detailed submission about
the indexation of military superannuation and the separation of military
superannuation schemes from other Commonwealth superannuation schemes’……..

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PAWS News – Issue 2 July-Sept 2012

Edition: Issue 2 July-Sept 2012 , the quarterly newsletter designed to pass on information to assist some 500 or more RSL  PAWS (Pensions, Advocacy & Welfare Services) practitioners assisting the ADF and Veteran Community.  Click here to download.