Youth Perspective on Anzac Day



Good morning, my name is Emily Day and I am honoured to be standing before you today to deliver a youth’s perspective on this significant national occasion; ANZAC Day.  But this is not just any Anzac day: today, we come together to commemorate the Battle of Gallipoli that occurred on this day, 100 years ago.  A commemoration that is necessary, to acknowledge the devastation, sacrifice, and bravery that men and women endured in order to allow us to live in this great nation of privilege and peace today.  As a youth, and in preparation for this speech, I had to ask myself – what do I really know about the ANZAC’s?  And how could I possibly comprehend the sacrifices, devastations of war and bravery that we are told about in school?

Read Emily’s speech from Anzac Day 2015

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